Terms & Conditions

Osmotherley Village Hall Booking Terms & Conditions

(from January 2018 onwards)

  1. :Person when the booking is made, or soon thereafter for telephone enquiries. The booking is not confirmed until this has been done and the deposit paid.


  1. Hirers should be aware that the Village Hall insurance does not cover either the hirer’s public liability responsibilities, or damage to or loss of their own equipment or for cancellation. Therefore, hirers may wish to consider whether they need their own insurance cover.


  1. The Hirer is responsible for organising the event and leaving the Hall in a satisfactory condition. He/she will be asked to pay for any breakages or damage. All accidents must be recorded in the Accident Book kept in the kitchen.


  1. Hirers are usually responsible for clearing away tables and chairs (in stacks of 10), doing any washing-up and cleaning needed. This should be completed immediately after a day-time event, or before 11am the next day following an evening event. The Hirer must remove all their rubbish from the premises.


  1. Hire fees include the use of kitchen facilities, hot water, heating, lighting, and the operation of equipment from wall sockets. Please ensure your electrical items are PAT tested.


  1. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Hall including the front porch. Designated smoking areas are outside (but not obstructing any entrance).


  1. The designated Responsible Person must be familiar with all fire and safety requirements. All marked fire exits MUST always be left clear and accessible during the hiring. An announcement about exits should be made at the start of an event.


  1. Young people under the age of 16 are not allowed unsupervised in the kitchen, on the stage or in the backstage area.


  1. Provision of alcohol is permitted by the Premises Licence of the Hall. The Premises Supervisor is Mike Smith (tel. 01609 882582). The Village Hall can provide and manage the bar. If the Hirer wishes to make their own supply they must name a Designated Supervisor who holds a Personal Licence to supply the alcohol and there will be a charge.

The Chairman should be consulted by anyone wishing to provide alcohol in the Village Hall.


  1. Hours permitted by the Premises Licence are as follows:


                For public entertainment                             Monday to Sunday                          09:00 – 00:00

                For provision of alcohol                                 Monday to Thursday                      18:00 – 23:00

                                                                                                Friday & Saturday                            12:00 – 00:00

                                                                                                Sunday                                                 12:00 – 23:00


  1. Room occupancy is as follows: Main Hall             Supper Room

                With tables and loose seating                                                     107                                         53

                Dance / Pop concert / fixed seating                                          214                                         60

                Fixed seating in Main Hall                                                             126



The following points are quotations from the Village Hall Premises Licence conditions regarding hire by voluntary organisations:-


  1. Where the Licensee licenses the Premises on behalf of a voluntary body or registered charity (“Voluntary Organisations”), the Licensee may hire out the Premises from time to time to other voluntary bodies, registered charities and other individuals or groups (“Other Voluntary Organisations”) not having paid staff, for the purpose of the Other Voluntary Organisation providing licensable activities.


The Voluntary Organisation, when using the Premises for the purpose of providing a licensable activity, must ensure that a person is nominated on behalf of the Other Voluntary Organisation in order to secure compliance with the Licence (“Responsible Person”).


  1. The Responsible Person must be aged 18 years of age or over and must possess a full copy of the Licence conditions for the Premises (available in the kitchen of the Village Hall).


  1. 15. The Responsible Person must comply with the following criteria:-


(a) sign the Booking Form as a written undertaking to accept responsibility for being in charge of and be on the Premises at all times when the public are present and for ensuring that all conditions of the License relating to management and supervision are met:


(b) ensures that he/she receives instruction and training in:-

(i) the action to be taken upon discovering a fire;

(ii) the action to be taken upon hearing the fire alarm;

(iii) raising the alarm, including the location of the alarm call points

(iv) the correct method of calling the Fire Brigade;

(v) the location and use of fire fighting equipment;

(vi) knowledge of escape routes, including any stairway not in regular use;

(vii) knowledge of the method of operation of any special escape door fastenings;

(viii) appreciation of the importance of fire doors and the need to close all doors at the time of a fire and on hearing the fire alarm;

(ix) the operating of all escape doors not in regular use, to ensure that they function satisfactorily;

(x) evacuation of the Premises to an assembly point at a place of safety (to include re-assuring the public and escorting them out of the Premises).


(c) carries out a safety check on the following prior to using the Premises for the purpose of providing licensable activities:-

(i) EXITS (to ensure that they are unlocked and available for use)

(ii) ESCAPE ROUTES (to see that they are free of obstruction and can be safely and effectively used at all material times and to see that fire doors are not wedged or propped open).


(d) provides such attendants as may be required in accordance with this Licence and instructs them as to their essential responsibilities in the event of fire or other emergency.

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